Re-elect Republican Doug Coleman August 26, 2014

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Doug Coleman is a strong fiscal and social conservative with a 20+ year record of honest conservative leadership. Here is where Doug stands on the issues that are important to Arizona:


Support 2nd Amendment Rights

Border must be secured

Lower Taxes and Smaller Government

Oppose Obamacare

Quality Education with Local Control

Conservative Policies that Create Jobs

Endorsed by Conservative Republican Leaders in Arizona, including:

"Representative Doug Coleman has a long and distinguished record of public service. He truly understands the important role of education in creating more and better jobs for everyone in Arizona. Doug has been a strong voice in the state legislature for the people he represents. I could always count on Doug to stand with me in the fight for a better Arizona. It is with confidence and pride that I endorse Representative Doug Coleman." - Governor Jan Brewer
Be Ready to Vote Tuesday August 26, 2014!